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Android users can now delete last 15 minutes of their Google search history. Here's how it works

Google has finally started rolling new key features for mobile app which it had earlier promised during 2021 I/O conference. One of the features is for Android users which will now let them delete the last 15 minutes of their search history on Google mobile app.

The tech giant is currently rolling out the feature on the Google app for only Android users but it will be made available for all in the next few weeks.

This feature was already rolled out for iOS in July 2021. However, Android release was pushed as Google failed to meet its expected deadline.

The latest Google feature was earlier spotted by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers, who had said that he received a tip about the new update.

It's still not confirmed yet whether Google will be bringing this feature to desktop.

Meanwhile, there are several tools on Google that automatically erase data on your search history that are three, 18 or 36 months old.

How does it work? To check whether your Android smartphone by default has this new update or not, open the Google app on your phone. Tap on the profile picture icon.

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