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Dressing Tips for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Updated: Jun 2

Undoubtedly, the world is coming to terms with the new normal, where the working class has accepted zoom meetings, virtual conferences, and digital parties with open arms. While the new normal of working from home has given us all relief from getting stuck in hours of traffic and struggling to reach the office on time, it has surely increased the worries to appear presentable and camera-friendly during different virtual meets. Some might find the virtual meets a boon, where they can don the ensemble that they might feel uncomfortable wearing on the streets. But there are surely few who struggle to appear presentable even after giving ample thoughts on ‘what to wear?’ Keeping the digital future in mind, here are a few tips so that you can dress flawlessly for your next scheduled zoom meeting:


This is the most important first step of looking presentable on the camera. When choosing the outfit you must opt for a shade that is contrasting with your background. For instance, if your background is white, then try and skip dull shades like beige, white, cream, and off-white. Opt for brighter lively colours that will make you stand out of your wall.


ince your front profile will be only visible on-screen, this is an amazing opportunity to bring all the focus to your makeup and hairdo. While nude lips and winged liner are always a saviour, you will surely be the highlight of the day with bright lips and blushed cheeks. This will also make you look fresh and sharp. For hair, if it is a meeting then you can keep it sleek in a low bun, but if it is a virtual party, you can level it all up with your curler or crimper.


It is only your upper body and your hand that will be visible. So going with a touch of gold to grab all the eyeballs will surely work. Pair your dainty earrings with a simple necklace. And in hands, while the watch is the safest option you can always twist it by adding a few gold bracelets. This is completely your choice as your hands will only be visible when you use them while talking.

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