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Google Launches the My Ads Center for Internet Advertising

Updated: May 7

Google Launches the My Ads Center for Internet Advertising. Google teased the My Ads Center during I/O 2022 in May, and it is now available globally. Its primary goal is to provide users with greater choice over the adverts and content they see on YouTube, Google Search, and Discover.

Google My Ads Center is now available. Google is releasing the My Ad Center (My Ad Center) today to block out unsuitable or sensitive adverts. It's intended to assist you in managing the sorts of advertising you see on YouTube, Google Search, and Discover. You may also stop sensitive advertisements and discover more about the data used to tailor your ad experience.

Access and modification are done straight from the advertisements themselves, with a Google account signed in. As a result, you should be able to better identify your own ad preferences and, for example, be given more advertisements from businesses or themes of interest to you.

Inappropriate or sensitive advertising, such as gambling, dating, or alcohol, can even be turned off entirely. You may also do it without interrupting your video or online session.

Privacy and personalized advertising Personalized advertising can be be turned off entirely by visiting the Google My Ads Center from any location where you have a Google account. Personalized advertisements may therefore be blocked not only on Google platforms, but also on external websites and applications - and on any device you're signed into.

Google emphasizes privacy once more: "We follow a set of privacy guidelines that govern what information we gather and what information we don't collect." These include never selling your personal information to third parties and never exploiting material stored in applications like Gmail, Photos, and Drive for advertising reasons."

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