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Graphic design tips for non-designers

If only we could all walk around with a graphic designer in our pocket. It would make life so easy, especially when you are faced with a rushed project or a quick design is needed for your social media account, business card, website or a simple event invitation. Without a designer around, it’s all up to you. But not to worry, there are a few simple design tricks that, if done right, can result in a stunning piece of design with minimum effort.

Research and play around

Before diving into your design, take some time to study some design trends and to collect some examples of graphics you love. Try to replicate these – this way you will become aware of the type of elements, colours, etc. used to create the graphic.

A mood board is also a clever way to get your creative juices flowing. A mood board houses images, colour swatches and other visual pieces that can inspire you. It can help you find a common thread for the colours, fonts, and elements you want to use in your graphic.

Simplicity is key

Cut out clutter. Every element in your graphic needs to serve a purpose – if not… cut it out! Use a minimum number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames. Think simplicity.

Keep it in your font family

Apply one typeface or font family to text. A font family usually offers you variants – italic, bold, condensed. It’s a way to be ‘simply creative’. It cuts out the clutter, keeps the design simple, but still looks creative.

Here is a short video on picking fonts:

Allow your design space to breathe

White space is an important element to include in any design. To put it simply, it’s the amount of space you allow between elements. You don’t want your elements bumping or overlapping. So, rather allow them space to breathe.

Take a break

After all your brainstorming is done, take some time to recharge your eyes and creative mind. You need to be able to look at your design with a fresh pair of eyes. It can bring a new perspective and help you with the final tweaks needed.

Stick with these five simple rules and you will be well on your way to creating designer-worthy graphics in no time!

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