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Job-Hunting Tips for Recent Grads

Updated: May 5

Landing your first job out of college can be challenging. Here are some tips for recent graduates job hunting:

  1. Leverage your university's career center - Take advantage of career counseling services, job listings, recruiting events and resume workshops specifically for students and recent alumni.

  2. Build connections - Network with professionals and alumni from your university working in fields of interest by attending mixers or through LinkedIn.

  3. Highlight transferable skills - Apply what you learned in group projects, student leadership roles to show teamwork, communication and organizational abilities.

  4. Customize your resume - Tailor your resume and cover letters to emphasize skills and experiences relevant to each particular job.

  5. Search niche job boards - Websites like, Undergrad Job Hunter cater specifically to entry-level positions for students and grads.

  6. Consider internships - Paid or unpaid internships allow getting a foot in the door, gaining experience and proving yourself.

  7. Expand your search - Be open to diverse roles and smaller companies, not just major corporations. Broaden locations searched too.

  8. Refine your online presence - Ensure your social media profiles like LinkedIn convey professionalism aligned with roles sought.

  9. Seek mentors - Ask professors, family friends working in your industry for informational interviews and resume advice.

  10. Practice interviewing - Schedule mock video interviews with peers and campus career counselors to improve confidence and skills.

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