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Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money Fast

Combining your hobbies and interests with a business is an excellent idea. I have tried all these ideas and everything is my own experience. I use these to make a side income for myself. However, you can always turn it into something much bigger for yourself!

Here are some artsy crafty ways to make an income for yourself while at home:

Resin coasters

This is a newer trend that came up around the middle of last year and is doing incredibly well. Although you can make an array of things from jewellery, jewellery stands, cake stands, phone cases etc. — coasters are the most popular right now.

I will admit it’s not a project that’s cheap to start. Most resin coaster kits cost around $50 and that includes everything you need — the resin and harderner, mica (colouring for the resin), coaster mould, heat gun (For bubbles), gold leaf flakes. However, these kits will allow to make quite a few coasts and generally they are sold for around $20 for a set of 4 on eBay. Also, it’s a fun project and doesn’t invest too much of your time depending on the design you choose. It’s just mixing the mica into the resin, then pouring it into coaster mould, and waiting 24hrs for it to dry.

No need to be too fancy with your packaging and waste your money. Cardboard paper packaging with a ribbon tied around it looks great and gives off that homemade feel.

If you think this is a viable business idea for you, have a look at the Pouring Your Heart Out channel. She has many tutorials to follow along to.

Paintings (You DON’T need to be an artist)

You may think you need to have incredible skills to make a good enough painting, nevermind to sell one! Not true, at all. There are tons of Youtube videos for beginner painters who have never painted in their lives. One of my favourite videos is this Nightmare Before Christmas painting of Jack and Sally. Cinnamon Cooney, whose own channel The Art Sherpa focuses on painting tutorials for painters of all levels is is a great source for learning to paint outstanding pieces.

She loves cartoon paintings (but covers all kinds of paintings) and these are great movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas have serious fans who will come after you once you post that listing. You don’t need to know how to paint the most detailed painting of France to sell your art. Seriously, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Candle making

Video by Sheri Vegas

I have seen these crafty candles popping up all over the Facebook marketplace. There are an endless amount of designs and scents you could create so you will always differentiate yourself from competitors.

One of the best things about starting a candle business is that there aren’t huge upfront costs, and it’s a highly profitable niche.

Sheri Vegas has great tutorials on candle making. Have a look at her channel for some inspiration.

If you love candles, why not give this a shot? So get creative! Try different candle moulds, scents and colours

And lastly, where should you sell your crafts online?

Since setting up a website is quite costly especially if you’re just starting a business, you can start an Etsy shop. This is an eCommerce platform where you sell your hand-made items or crafts you make. Many entrepreneurs choose this route as it’s budget-friendly, easy to set up and they can link to their Etsy shop on their blog.

If this isn’t’ an option for you, like in my case because we don’t have Etsy in my country, then Facebook Marketplace should be a better option. The only downside to selling on the Marketplace is that you usually have to meet up in person with your customers, unlike with Etsy where parcels are mainly posted.

So if you aren’t working and are stuck at home, or maybe just have some spare time on your hands, why not start thinking about the types of crafts you can make in your spare time. From there you can start a blog and start showcasing your handmade items! Who knows, it might even turn into something much bigger in the future.

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