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The Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge to View and Edit Images

Updated: May 28

  1. Photo Editor We're referring to a free app created especially to view and modify our images rapidly. The JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats are supported by this Edge extension. As a result, we may use it to swiftly edit and improve our images so that we can share or save them. includes some of the most popular tools for doing this, such as cropping, adding filters, adjusting the brightness and contrast, and rounding the corners of any image. Additionally, it enables us to download pictures from social media sites like Instagram and messaging services like WhatsApp, save them on our computers, and then begin altering them there. Once the editing process is complete and the image is presented in a photo gallery, any image modified with this plugin can be downloaded and even printed. It is available for free download from the Edge Add-on Store.

  2. PhotoEditor Use of this free extension is primarily targeted at home users who wish to acquire excellent results when it comes to digital photo retouching without having to install specific software on their computer. With the use of this editor, we will be able to add various effects to our photos while utilizing both the Instagram and Photoshop tools. It won't be necessary to have prior design expertise because it has numerous qualities that will assist us in carrying out our work.

  3. Photographic Effects With the help of this Edge add-on, we will be able to take images that stand out significantly so that we may post them on social media and surprise our friends. This free program enables us to do this by transforming the photos we take with our mobile phone camera into spectacular visuals that we can post online and share with our friends. Similar to other programs of this type, we will be able to use a variety of features to alter the lighting setup, get rid of blurs, and add various effects for a genuinely stunning and amazing outcome.

  4. Adding a Watermark to Images With the help of this plugin, we can modify our photographs and add a watermark or other customized text to them to protect our copyright and prevent unauthorized usage. To accomplish this, all we need to do is click the Add watermark button to launch the plugin and start selecting the location where we want to add the brand. We can batch modify it and use it to add the same watermark to all of our photographs at once.

  5. Make use of the Chrome Web Store As previously announced, Edge's Chromium foundation will enable full interoperability between Microsoft's browser and the add-ons available via the Google Store. Although it should be emphasized that since the plugin has not been specifically created for Edge, there may be instances where it does not function as it should, in the majority of circumstances we should not see any issues.

  6. PhotoStudio Photo Editor This add-on enables us to capture pictures using the camera on our PCs while also modifying, importing, and editing any kind of graphics and photographs. In order to accomplish this, it offers us a versatile workspace with a wide range of editing, effect, and filter functions that can enhance our creativity in the finished product. Additionally, it enables us to employ unique filters that we have produced using other well-known applications like Photoshop, GIMP, or Lightroom, as well as modify the brightness, contrast, or clarity of our images and exercise our creativity.

  7. PaintMagick Image Editor We can make and modify images using the Edge browser thanks to this plugin. To achieve this, we can drag and drop the image onto the extension, load it directly from our PC, or paste it from the clipboard. Popular image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, WEBP, GIF, and JSON are supported. Its editing features include the ability to undo, copy, paste, and cut. We can also rotate, flip, trim, and change size. Additionally, there won't be a shortage of color adjustments such as adjusting the luminance, brightness, contrast, tone, and saturation. Its ability to function with a multi-layer system, blend, flatten, and be compatible with transparency are additional significant factors.

  8. Easy Online Image Editor Without having to download any software to the PC or even register, this fantastic application allows you to edit photographs, make banners, and design logos rapidly. We only need to load the required image or enter its URL to add the desired image.


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