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The Xbox Design Lab is getting even Louder

Updated: May 30

More ways to make the controller of your dreams

Xbox is announcing a host of planned improvements to its hardware and services today. In addition to cloud gaming improvements and new supported platforms for the Xbox app, it was announced that Xbox will expand its Design Lab store with even more customization options.

This includes new pastel colors — soft pink, orange, green, and purple — as well as new Camo Top cases with matching side caps — Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Sandglow Camo, and Blaze Camo. These colors join the already expansive roster of personalization options that Xbox has been steadily adding to the Design Lab, including metallic finishes and rubberized grips.

The Xbox Design Lab has allowed players to customize just about every component of their Xbox controllers, applying specific colors and themes to individual parts. If you want, you can even add printed text to the faceplate controller for an extra $10 fee. While the Design Lab doesn’t offer some of the customization options you can get from third-party manufacturers, each controller only costs $69.99, a far cry from other bespoke controllers like the SCUF Instinct, which costs $189.98. However, it's currently unclear if these new options will come with a higher price tag.

In addition to these new ways to make a controller that's uniquely yours, Xbox Design Lab will be launching in 11 new countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Taiwan will also get access to the Design Lab later this summer.


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