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Testing the design

Usability testingUsability testin Usability test is to check whether the design of a product or brand works wellwith the target users. is the most common method used by designer to test their design. The basic idea behind conducting a usability test is to check whether the design of a product or brand works well with the target users.

While carryng out usability testing, two things are being tested for: Whether the design of the product is successful and if is not successful, how can it improved.

This is the main difference between design and art. If you are an artist, you create for yourself first and clients buy your personality in your artwork. If you are a designer, you solve problems. Whose problems? Your customers’.

While designers are testing, they are testing the design and not the user. Also, every design is evolving. The designers carry out usability testing at every stage of the design process.

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The object can range form websites, to software applications, to images et all. It is also concerned with metadata: terms used to describe and represent content objects such as documents, people, process, and organizations.

Human-computer interation

The UX designer needs to find out as much as they can about people, processes, and products before the design phase. Designers ca do this by meeting with the clients or business stakeholders frequently to know what their requirements.

The target users are given various tasks to perform on the prototypes.

Any issues or problems faced by the users are collected as notes.

UX Deliverables

UX designers' maim goal is to solve the end-users' problems, and thus the ability to communicate the design to stakeholders and developers is critical to the ultimate success of the design. Regarding UX specification documents, these requirements depend on the client or the organization involved in designing a product. The four major deliverables are: a title page, an introduction to the feature, wireframes and a version history.

The following details the responsibilities a user experience designer may have at each phase of a project.

  1. Ethnographic research

  2. Surveying

  3. Customer feedback and testing

  4. Focus group administration

  5. Non-directed interview

  6. Contextual interview

  7. Mental modeling

After research, the designer must make sense of the data they've collected.

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