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Where to Discover Talented Tech Workers and How to Attract Them

As a company vying for a place in the workforce in 2020, employing talented tech workers is the best strategy for accomplishing your goal. Without a talented team of employees who can help set your company apart from the competition, you would be dead in the water. Therefore, the human resources division of your company should always be focusing on identifying and retaining talented tech employees.

This endeavor will get nowhere, however, if you don’t even know where to look for those talented individuals. Fortunately, there are a number of fantastic sources that can you turn to for this talent. Finding these employees is just half the battle, though, as your company will need to take action in retaining them through perks such as dynamic benefits. Getting started requires finding those employees, and here are two of the best sources:

Partner With Trade Schools

One of the hands-down best places to source talented tech workers is from a trade school. Unlike more traditional forms of education, trade schools prepare students for specific careers by using specialized courses. Trade schools are similar to vocational schools but focus more on technology.

Popular schools, such as General Assembly, offer courses ranging from UX design to full stack development. The knowledge that trade school students graduate with makes them excellent employees. An added benefit is that trade school graduates typically need less training given their specialty and preparation.

You may have concerns regarding the quality of education at trade schools or whether these professionals are truly talented. Reports show, however, that trade school graduates’ employment rate is 4 percent higher than their university counterparts, and earn 27 percent more. Partnering with an accredited trade school near you is a great way to acquire talented workers.

Rely on Tech Bootcamps

Turning to tech bootcamps is another great way to discover talented tech workers. Bootcamps are similar to trade schools in that they feature specialized courses that prepare students for one field. However, tech bootcamps can usually be completed in mere months, rather than a full year like trade schools.

The most well-known type of tech bootcamp, by far, are coding bootcamps. These courses teach students a number of coding languages and can turn anyone into a professional coder in no time at all. However, in recent years, other types of tech bootcamps have emerged.

Fields such as data science, which used to require a master’s degree, have been made accessible via data science bootcamps. Several tech fields have expedited training through bootcamps that produce talented employees. Consider finding a bootcamp near you and working with them to hire their graduates.

Understand Employee Demographics

Overall, retaining your employees comes down to how well you know and understand your workforce. Employees will all want different things depending on factors such as age or location. If your company is offering benefits that don’t apply to their demographics, your employees may feel no incentive to stay and work for your company.

Learn about the demographics of your employees and what they want through polls and constant outreach. Make it known that you are there for your employees and want to help them as best you can. Look at some of the common reasons for leaving a job and make sure that your company is not doing certain things that could cause sentiments on the list. You can’t always expect your employees to be completely satisfied with your company, but you should be providing them with benefits that apply directly to them. Reaching out to determine those benefits will also show that you are an employer that listens to employees.


Understanding the future of work and acquiring extremely talented employees to join your workforce are two goals that any company should focus on. Despite this, too many companies often live in the current moment and don’t think about the future. Take the steps needed to set yourself apart from any competition through a diversely talented workforce. Never neglect the benefits that can help you retain your employees. After all, there is no point in hiring them if you don’t take the steps needed to keep them around in the long-term.

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