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Would you like to work from home? Here are the highest paying jobs

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” –Author Annie Dillard

How many times have you sat in your office, wishing you could be working from the comfort of your own home? If so, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by Softchoice shows that 74% of employees would trade in their current job for one they could do from home.

The good news is, remote work can actually be high paying, and allow you to live the lifestyle you crave. Maybe you want to travel the world and be able to take your work with you, or maybe you find you work better from your home. Whether you’re an independent contractor or an employee at a company that allows for remote work, you have the option to shift your lifestyle to fit your needs and desires.

There are amazing benefits to working remotely, from decreased stress to higher engagement. It’s definitely easier to show up to work if you’re not dreading the commute, or if you’re in an environment that fosters your creativity and motivation. Remote work benefits employers, too — They report lower costs, higher productivity, and more productive employees.

However, it’s important to understand that working from home doesn’t mean relaxing in your pajamas all day. In fact, you will probably end up working more from home than in-office. And be careful when searching online for remote work, though. There are an estimated 60 to 70 scam jobs for every genuine one. Only use vetted sites such as FlexJobs to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of.

According to FlexJobs, the top fields for at-home work are healthcare, customer service, sales, information technology, and education. By taking Glassdoor’s list of 2018’s top-paying jobs and comparing it to their list of remote jobs, FlexJobs was able to compile a database of the top-paying remote jobs of 2018. Here are six of 2018’s highest paying jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world.

1. Physician.

Average salary: $195,000.

Healthcare seems like a difficult field to work in remotely, but the advance of telemedicine has made it increasingly possible to provide physician care from anywhere.

2. Pharmacist.

Average salary: $127,000.

Gone are the days of standing behind counters for hours at end. If you’re a licensed pharmacist, you have the ability to work remotely in positions that require you to review prescriptions, answer calls, process requests, and more.

3. Corporate Counsel.

Average salary: $115,000.

As a remote corporate counselor, you can provide legal advice and draft contracts from wherever you choose.

4. Software Architect.

Average salary: $105,000.

Design architecture and maintain roadmaps from your home, local coffee shop, or favorite vacation spot.

5. Attorney.

Average salary: $96,000.

If you’re interested in practicing law but not so interested in the office life, you have options! Attorneys can work remotely by drafting and filing documents, training, and providing counsel and representation.

6. Data scientist.

Average salary: $96,000.

As a remote data scientist, you’ll be able to collect data, solve corporate problems using data solutions, interpret statistics, and collaborate with other businesses and IT.

The remote workforce is increasing, and if it’s something you’re interested in, you have more than enough options for whatever suits you and your career path. These are just the top-paying remote jobs — Check out job search sites to find the remote job that works for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to be more productive and cost effective, less stressed, and more engaged overall? The average American will spend one-third of their lives at work. It’s time to make your job work for you!

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