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Shopify Unveils More Than 100 New Features & Updates

Updated: May 28

NFTs, Twitter shopping, and tap-to-pay on iPhone are just a few of the more than 100 new features that Shopify's Summer '22 Edition has to offer.

With the most recent iteration of its bi-annual presentation of new products, the e-commerce site known as Connect-to-Consumer (C2C) seeks to assist sellers in finding clients and growing their businesses.

Shopify's founder and CEO, Tobi Lütke, stated in a press release:

“We work hard to solve the complex challenges merchants face today while imagining entirely new ways for them to grow their businesses. With Shopify Editions, we’re sharing our big bets and latest innovations in commerce so that those ambitious enough to try their hand at entrepreneurship can start and scale faster than ever before.”

C2C comprises Shopify's first foray into the business-to-business market in addition to introducing direct-to-consumer features. The "B2B" feature links retailers and distributors.

For Shopify Plus merchants who wish to sell to other businesses on the same platform they sell to consumers, B2B is intended to create a seamless experience.

Through interfaces with partners like NetSuite, Brightpearl, and Acumatica, it will automatically include crucial data into the solution.

Other Key Features Aim To Open New Commerce Channels

The C2C project displays the depth and breadth of the e-commerce behemoth's initiatives. Among the most notable new elements are:

  1. Tokengated commerce: The entry of Shopify into the NFT market enables retailers to build token-gated commerce experiences by connecting cryptocurrency wallets to online stores.

  2. Twitter sales channel: Retailers now have access to Twitter's hundreds of millions of users by highlighting their products right on their profile page.

  3. Tap-to-pay on iPhone: Merchants are able to sell offline without any additional gear or investment as part of the company's effort to simplify point-of-sale transactions.

  4. Local inventory sync: This change enables businesses to inform clients that a product is available in-store, mirroring Google's emphasis on local search.

  5. Shopify Functions: By enabling developers to write their own backend code, this innovation gives platforms the freedom of open-source software without requiring them to manage hosting and security.

  6. Dovetail: This makes it simpler for Shopify sellers to locate and interact with affiliate marketers and influencers.

Due to the sudden release of so many upgrades, it can take some Shopify merchants some time to determine what would work best for them. However, a lot of these tools have the same purpose, which is to increase awareness and make more purchases.

Shopify merchants may potentially pose a threat to more ecommerce businesses who rely on traditional SEO and their own websites to draw customers.


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