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The new features in WordPress 6.0

Updated: May 28

WordPress 6.0, their second major update of 2022, was released earlier today.

With the introduction of a new method for creating websites, this new edition features major upgrades to the entire site editing experience.

We'll show you what's new in WordPress 6.0 in this article, along with which features you should give a try once your websites have been updated.

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Updated and Better Full Site Editing

A block-based theme editor was previously made available by WordPress as part of the new Full Site Editing interface in WordPress 5.9.

WordPress 6.0 adds additional site-wide blocks, customizable templates, and more patterns to the whole site editing tool.

Simple Theme Style Switching

With only one click, WordPress 6.0 offers an easy way to change the look of your complete theme.

To view the styles that are offered for your theme, click the Style button in the upper right corner and then move to the Browse Styles page.

The availability of the feature known as "theme styles" in your WordPress theme is dependent upon it.

With WordPress 6.0, you can modify more theme templates.

More templates can now be edited in the theme editor thanks to WordPress 6.0.

The new archive templates that you can edit include:

  1. Author

  2. Category

  3. Date

  4. Tag

  5. Other custom taxonomies

Exporting your block theme in its entirety

You may now save and export each update you made to your block theme using WordPress 6.0.

All the modifications you made using the full site editor will be included in a theme zip file that WordPress will create. The theme is then available for download and installation on any other WordPress website.

New Blocks in Block Theme Editor

You may now employ a variety of new blocks in the theme editor thanks to WordPress 6.0.

  1. Query Comment Loop The new Comment Query Loop block replaces the Post Comments block in WordPress 6.0. It has several sub-blocks, including edit link, avatar, comment content, and comment author name. For a more engaging experience, you can style each one separately on your WordPress blog.

  2. More Block to Read WordPress 6.0 now allows you to include a Read More block in your post excerpts. This gives you more stylistic options to use to highlight the Read More link.

  3. No outcomes in the query loop The No Results block can now be added inside of a Query Loop block. The block, however, won't show up until your chosen query returns nothing.

  4. Author post-biography Along with the Post Author and Avatar blocks, the new Post Author Biography block is now available for use.

  5. Avatar The avatar block enables you to show the avatar of a user (profile photo). You can decide whether to show the avatar for a specific user or the avatar for the author of the current post or page.

Decide on a page pattern.

Now, the essential pages for the majority of websites can be modeled in your WordPress theme.

The 'Add New Page' screen will now provide a popup with a selection of patterns you can use to construct pages starting with WordPress 6.0, according to this.

Your WordPress theme may not yet include any page patterns because it is a relatively new feature. You won't be able to view the popup in that situation.

For the page you want to construct, you may still find and add patterns using the patterns library.

Changes to the Block Editor in WordPress 6.0

The majority of WordPress users spend the most of their time in the block editor developing pages and generating content for their websites.

To enhance the writing and content creation experience for WordPress users, each WordPress update builds on this.

Some pretty fascinating features in WordPress 6.0 can significantly enhance the way you manage your website.


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